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Frequently asked hardwood flooring questions When deciding what type of floor to install in your home, these hardwood flooring frequently asked questions may help. Learn about flooring options and the installation procedure below. These hardwood flooring faqs also cover different types of wood floor, maintenance, and long-term value questions.

Is This Type of Floor Material Durable and Long-Lasting?

Modern hardwood floors are very durable and will last decades. Different types of wood are harder or softer, so heavy traffic areas or families with pets may opt for more durable materials. Engineered flooring may last longer because it is not as affected by temperature and moisture level changes. The boards or planks are finished and coated to increase their lifespan as well.

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What Should I Expect During the Installation Process?

The old floor will be removed if necessary, everything cleaned and leveled, and the new hardwood floor installed on top. The boards will be cut to length on-site and any sawdust or debris cleaned up promptly. During this time, the room or rooms the floor is going into should be blocked off from regular traffic and use. Other common hardwood flooring faqs ask about how long the process takes and how much mess there will be. These answers depend a lot on the type and size of the floor going in.

Is This Type of Floor Affordable For Me?

One of the most common hardwood flooring frequently asked questions is about price and value. Many factors affect the price of the hardwood floor. These include the type of wood, how long and wide the boards or planks are, whether you choose solid wood or engineered, and even the finish options. We can recommend ideas within your budget. As wood floors last a long time and require limited products or solutions for maintenance, they present a very high level of value over time when compared to other options.

Will a Hardwood Floor Increase the Value of My Home?

According to many realtors, more home shoppers look for hardwood flooring than any other type. It is estimated that it can increase the sale price of a property by as much as 15%. Since hardwood never goes out of style, it is a wise choice for the future.

Should I Have Unfinished or Prefinished Wood Floor Installed?

Unfinished floorboards install quickly, but the finishing process may add multiple days to the entire project. Each layer of stain and surface coating will need to dry at least overnight before the next is applied. However, the finishing in the house may make it easier to match to the existing floor. Prefinished boards are ready to be walked on as soon as they are installed.

What Differences Exist Between Solid Hardwood and Engineered Wood Floors?

Solid wood floors consist of boards or planks made from one type of wood. This makes it susceptible to moisture and temperature changes. Each board will expand and contract regularly and, over a long period of time, cause the floor to warp or gaps to form. Proper installation reduces these chances greatly. Engineered wood flooring is constructed from multiple species of wood sandwiched together and it does not change shape as much after installation. However, since only the top layer is the wood intended to be seen, it cannot be sanded and refinished as many times before it needs to be replaced.

Will Hardware Flooring Installation Work Over an Existing Floor?

As long as the existing floor is secure, undamaged by moisture, and perfectly flat, any type of boards can be installed on top of it. This includes vinyl tile or sheets, other wood floors, and even low-nap commercial carpeting. In most cases, it is a better idea to remove the old flooring and secure the hardwood directly to the subfloor.

Many frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring installation depend on the types of floors already in your home, the materials you choose, and the finishes you want. A trained floor installer can give you more precise answers after seeing the current setup.

Can Hardwood Planks or Boards Go Over a Concrete Slab?

Because moisture affects concrete slabs, only engineered wood should be installed directly on top of the slab. The boards are either glued down or floated. If your home has a concrete slab and you want solid hardwood instead, various moisture barriers are needed and the installer will most likely need to construct a wooden subfloor on top of the slab first.

Is Hardwood Flooring a Good Idea For a Home With Pets?

No collection of hardwood flooring faqs could be complete without concern for the family pet. Although a dog’s nails will scratch a wooden floor over time, especially in high traffic areas, as long as you keep the dog’s nails trimmed, the damage will be minimal. Also, make sure any pet accidents are cleaned up immediately and do not put a water bowl directly on the boards where splashes can cause damage.

Can Hardwood Flooring Be a Safe Option For the Kitchen?

The kitchen is one room in the house where the floor needs to be strong and waterproof more than any other. Pots can fall, water can spill, and there is a lot of traffic in and out all the time. This makes hardwood flooring not the greatest choice for kitchen installation. If you insist, choose a very hard species of wood and extra finishes on top.

What Type of Maintenance Must I Do to Keep The Floor Looking Great?

Daily vacuuming or sweeping will keep off the dust and any grit that could scratch the boards. Do not use the beater brush in the vacuum or any hard-bristle brushes at all. A mop should only be slightly dampened to prevent water damage to the boards. There is no need for special polishes and waxes to ever be used.

Hopefully, these hardwood flooring frequently asked questions answer your concerns about this popular type of floor material. We welcome additional frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring installation at any time.

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