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Hardwood Floor Remodel By Christian Brothers Hardwood Floors in Rhode Island and Southern MassachusettsAfter a number of years, the flooring in your home will need to be replaced. If you’ve bought a previously-owned home, your floors may be due for a hardwood floor remodel! When you have your floors remodeled, you can really change the decor and style of a room. By using hardwood, you are provided with the ability to transform your room into any look that you’d like, whether that evokes a rich texture or a classic look.

At Christian Brothers Hardwood Floors, we want to give each of our clients every opportunity to have the perfect floors for their home. When we begin a hardwood floor remodeling project, we’ll work with you every step of the way, making sure we’re installing the right choice for your home. Here are some of the options that you will be able to consider when you choose your hardwood flooring remodel.

Textures can Make a Huge Difference in Your Floor Remodel

Hardwood flooring also comes in different textures that can look antique and weathered, or new and shiny. The texture of your floor can heighten surroundings, complement wall color, or even change the perceived dimensions of the room itself.

Hardwood Floor Replacements Should Consider Color

Wood flooring provides just about any type of color, from blonde to black. This is often associated with the species, but it can also be affected by the stain or finish you choose. If you’d like a bright or unusual color, it’s becoming more and more possible to attain that color even with natural wood floors!

If you’re looking for a more natural look, stains can heighten a species’ already vibrant color. Most of the color we associate with wood species is actually the color of the wood after it has been sealed with a finish.

Hardwood Floor Remodels Should Consider Hardness of the Wood

If you’ve got a household that stays busy with kids and pets all over the place, your best bet is to choose a wood species with a higher degree of hardness. Woods like red oak are an excellent choice if you want to install wood flooring that can take a beating. A softer species like pine will not be as durable and may show scratches. You also need to choose between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, which is usually determined by your preferred installation method, subflooring, and location. You should remember that if you know that there will be a greater amount of wear and tear on your hardwood floor, you’ll be able to sand it down and refinish it if it is solid hardwood.

The Finish of a Hardwood Floor Remodel is Equally Important

The main purpose of using a finish on the surface of your hardwood floor is to protect it. However, finishes will also add luster and color. If you choose the prefinished route, this simplifies your installation. It’s ready to be installed as soon as it enters your door and can be walked on immediately after it’s been installed.

Christian Brothers Hardwood Floors can walk you through any hardwood floor remodel project you need to complete. We can also clean, maintain, or refurbish existing hardwood floors! By providing proper maintenance and preventative care, your hardwood floor will continue to look beautiful well into the future. If you’re looking for a hardwood floor remodel, contact Christian Brothers today!

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